13.3 - 18.3 Luminale Building with Light, workshop for children

workshop building with light during Luminale 2016

'Building with light'
Daily workshop for children and adults (8 – 88 year)
Join us in our growing light city, that will expand day by day. Feel free to add your own section to a collective structure of curtain tubes and found recycled material. Come and build in the Organic Light City construction.

The workshop will be guided by Ines Monteiro and Isabel Nielen and is part of the Luminale exhibition Many Many Moons by the Dutch iLo Institute Lighting design in the Heyne Kunst Fabrik in Offenbach.

Date 13 - 18 march
Location Heyne Kunst Fabrik
Time: 18.00 - 21.00 h

Bring your own saved materials! with you


Heyne Kunst Fabrik
Lilistraße 83 D
63067 Offenbach am Main