iLo group exhibition Many Many Moons, Luminale 2016 Heyne Kunst Fabrik

iLo Luminale exhibition many many moons in Heyne Kunst Fabrik Offenbach

Many Many Moons

Many Many Moons is part of the Luminale 2016 which takes place at the same time with Light & Building in Frankfurt am Main. In this exhibition, in the Heyne Kunst Fabrik in Offenbach, iLo presents 8 light installations, research and a public program of artist talks and workshops. iLo also operates a daily lightBAR from 18:00 - 01:00 h. 
Please feel welcome to enjoy our exhibition and participate in the LightBAR, a place where public and artists meet to discuss light, darkness, the artistic aspects and the magic of the night! 

8 Light Installations & Public Program



light installations by:

Instant Light Compositions: the gap between intention and outcome.

Four lighting designers with varying backgrounds, Roos van Haaften (visual arts), Marc Breed (music), Domenico Casillo (museum) and Katinka Marac (dance) team up for the Luminale, widening their design practice in a shared space of inquiry. Inspired by change procedures they will daily design a new light installation in the Heyne Fabrik.



Nearly There!

Spatial designer Bas Peeters is fascinated by  the phenomenon of near-death Experience: An experience in an altered state of consciousness during a real life threatening situation. It Is often perceived that one goes through a dark spiral tunnel, attracted by an indescribably beautiful bright light at the end. Lying on the bed, the viewer experiences a hypnotic nearly death-experience.   

Video Art - Light

A short film and research about the importance of museum lighting.
How important is light within the museum world? Lightdamage and lightcontrol are important topics. Working in one of the most famous museums of the Netherlands (Van Gogh Museum) Domenico Casillo investigated the application of light within the museum context. He interviewed curators, light designers and an artist and brought his findings together in a short film.
During the Luminale, Domenico will use paintings of Jenneke Kloosterziel to lit them in different ways.   



Blob II [outdoor installation]
(due to circumstances this project won't be on display)

Blob is a light object made by lightdesigner Maarten Warmerdam. The oval shaped sky light functions as an atmospheric mirror. The blob can change colour, intensity and creates within itself diffused shapes of light. The created softly shapes are in constant dialogue with it’s surroundings, changing the perception of colour and contrast of the space and the viewer. 



Sensing Color, Sensing Spaces

‘Colors are live beings, highly developed individuals that form an integral part of us, as they do of all things. Colors are the authentic inhabitants of space.’
Yves Klein 1955 
The main focus of the research of Lidy Six ‘Sensing Color, Sensing Spaces’ is the pure experience of color. Lidy is fascinated by the material and the transcendental working of color by light, sound and pigments. At the Institute Lighting Design in Amsterdam, iLo, she has taken up a coaching- and research trajectory, in which she’s conducting research into the technical and artistic possibilities of LED-light. 

Chimney smoke ties the roof to the sky

Roos Van Haaften’s makes shadow drawings. She explores what happens when found objects are recycled and reconstructed as image, metaphor or sign. 
A rectangle of glass is suspended perpendicular to the wall by light weight nylon threads. The glass is powdered with flour and small sketchy lines as in sand drawings. Scattered throughout these micro landscapes are small pieces of garbage the size of a pin, a wooden match, a shard of glass or plastic bag. The light is projected from underneath casting a shadow in perfect rectangular proportion on the wall.The drawing becomes a topographical projection - the objects a sculptural still life.

Fluid Flow (work in process)


Anita Doornhein investigates the meaning of flow within an installation thatconsists of a steady movement between light source and object, evoking continuously changing light shapes on the walls and floor around it.

Although there is no literal fluid here, she is looking for an undulating motion in light.





Blind light

Installation by I.M.B.T. Nature has been the inspiration source, specifically two natural light events: light reflection on glass or mirror, creating an unbearable, almost blinding, light spark.  And also the light-dark game created by sunlight hidden behind a cloud, the cloud passes by; from this co-existence results motion shaped by a deep emphasis of an on-off light game resulting into a 3D painting, the Blind light installation.


GlASS – a frame story [outdoor installation] showed only on sunday -monday-tuesday and wednesday

Luminale Group exhibition many many moons Glass blauwe uurBlauwe Uur; GLASS is a play of light and space. Inside and out. Of shadow and shapes. Projection and reflection.
GLASS is light, framed in a window.
A life-size facade, completely built up of windows, shows various aspects of what light does with our imagination and perception. In the twilight natural light blends with artificial light and creates its own world. Our imagination fills the darkness with interpretations and stories. What is the story of the shadow behind the window across the street? What do you see in the shapes of the light that shines through trees when it enters the room?

Building with light 

Daily workshop for children and adults (8 – 88 year)Between 18.00-21.00 h, Join us in our growing light city, that will expand day by day. Feel free to add your own section to a collective structure of curtain tubes and found recycled material.


Come and build in the Organic Light City construction. 

LightBAR 13.3 - 17.3  21.00-01.00 h

In the hart of the iLo exhibition Many Many Moons the LightBar will be open: Meet colleagues from all over the world and exchange ideas about light. All designers, artists, visitors, technicians and light-lovers are welcome at our LightBAR located in the Heyne Fabrik. Where public and artists meet to speak about light, artistic aspects, darkness, and the magic of the night! 


about Many Many Moons


2015 was the ‘Year of the Light’. The Dutch Institute of Lighting Design (iLo) announces the ‘Year of the Dark’. The ultimate awareness of the effect of light is by the cast of shadows or in darkness; we need darkness as much as we need light. 

In Western society, light, colour and brightness dominate our sense of beauty. Bright lights are associated with progression, safety and beauty. However, Tanizaki in his essay ‘In Praise of Shadows’ (1933) explains passionately how Asian cultures appreciate shadow and dimness over clarity and visibility. “[…] we find beauty not in the thing itself, but in the patterns of shadows; the light and the darkness that one thing against another creates.”

iLo proposes that shadow and darkness are not opposites of light, but part of the light phenomenon. Research brings evidence that human beings need both light and darkness. One can only be aware of the effect of light in the presence of shade.
The biological necessity for humans is to sleep in preferably dark atmospheres. Darkness is used as a psychological factor in theatrical and visual presentations. Shadow has the artistic quality of sculpting shapes and to emphasize three-dimensionality to people as well as to objects.

We need the quality of light and dark as yin needs yang.

The title ‘Many, Many Moons’ is derived from the cycle of the moon through her ever changing appearance, divided into light and dark phases. Is it light or shadow that we encounter during night? The title also refers to the different approaches the light designers take in this show– one will find a variety of works and visions, presented in an open, interactive atmosphere.


The Dutch institute of Lighting Design (iLo) is a centre for creative light research. Emphasis is on artistic development rather than on the application of technology. iLo recognizes the importance of broadening and deepening personal artistic growth through research and projects. 
The artists and light designers presented in this show are connected to the iLo by their work in the light laboratories or participating in coaching. Experiment is crucial to develop a deeper understanding of light. Therefor iLo invited the participants to present their design process and personal research as contribution to ‘Many Many Moons’.

With special thanks to Lichtpunt Theatertechniek; for sponsor support in materials. 

location: Heyne Kunst Fabrik 
Lilistraße 83 D
63067 Offenbach am Main