interactive light: research presentation

Amsterdam based artist Marion Tränkle presents on June 6 the findings of her light research “Interactive Light” for which she received a development budget from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. The presentation is hosted by the instituut lichtontwerpen, the entrance is free.

You are very welcome. June 6, starting 19:30

Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam Noord


”Light is a both sensory and spatial medium that plays an increasingly important role in my visual and performative work. But how to make use of the lighting technology present in the theaters such that light can become responsive or interactive and that it can take part in the data flow between different media and systems on stage? How can light respond to imagery or to moving bodies on stage? Or even lead its own life entirely?
With this research, I approach light with terminologies such as data mapping, flow, response and strategies such as software programming and sensor input.  Is it possible to create a situation where all elements on stage relate to each other and where material is generated that owns its own ‘non-intentional’ logic?”

This project is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts