About ILO

Institute of Light Design (iLo) was founded in 2007 by light designer Henk van der Geest. The iLo wants to stimulate the quality of the lighting design profession. All activities that the iLo undertakes are based on open knowledge exchange, research and promotion of the subject of light design.

The iLo wants to improve the quality of light designs and stimulate social awareness about the use of light in public spaces. The iLo wants to be a place where you can and may ask critical questions, where light designers, manufacturers, suppliers and clients, architects and designers exchange knowledge, meet and learn.

Where architecture and design with daylight already have an age-old tradition and education, design with artificial light still has a young tradition. In the rapid and continuous developments in light technology, creative independent light designers are needed more than ever to shape the application of light in a responsible way. The focus within iLo is on the creative, artistic concept development of light design for theater, architecture and design.


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Knowledge platform

The iLo is a place where you can ask questions and do research without being charged. This is an important aspect for us, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing is not without trust. You can only learn things if you can admit that you do not know things. This is often not possible in professional practice.

Lighting design and the quality of the light are not often publicly discussed. Light is not only the technology of light output and energy efficiency. Light is also an experience. It works on all our senses and creates emotion. In the application of light, health aspects such as the influence of light on our biorhythm, emotional aspects such as well-being and safety, and issues such as light pollution are at least as important as the technical aspects.

It is precisely the light designer who can address these qualities of light to the client during the design process. As iLo, we believe it is important to stimulate the social and social side of light together with the artistic approach.


iLo has had great success in its 10 year anniversary! From the very beginning, iLo offered a two-year coaching program for developing light designers. In addition, iLo organized a non-exhaustive series of workshops, expert meetings and other activities that inspired the participants, but also the many guests, and provided new insights. All participants in the coaching programs or research programs have all taken important steps in their career.

coaching | research. participants

Yvon Muller, Maarten Warmerdam, Vera Wegener, Lidy SiX, Katinka Marac, Bas Peeters, Domenico Casilio, Roos van Haaften, Wijnand van der Horst, Han de Klerk, Ivo Bol, Anita Doornheim, Andrea Droes, Carla Monchen, Marc Breed, Ron Beers. Adrian Bulinga, Jan Ptacin.

Coaches | Workshopleiders

Henk van der Geest, Isabel Nielen, Joost de Beij, Kees van der Lagemaat, Petra Ardai, Markku Uimonen(fin), Catharina Scholten, Kenton Yeager(US), Dennis Molendijk,

expertmeetings | excursions

Theun Mosk, Agnes Borkerhof, Tom Verheijen, Ellen de Vries, Trui Malten, Herbert Janse, JanChris Duyvendak, Martien Jansen, Ge Wegman, Tom Veeger, Berthe Spoelstra, Uri Rappaport,

The possibility to initiate and organize workshops, expert meetings and excursions remains.

Core team

A core team has been formed around iLo consisting of Isabel Nielen and Henk van der Geest with Maarten Warmerdam, Wijnand van der Horst and Bastiaan Schoof. They can develop and support public activities, but this can also be done from input from the field, but (for the time being) without resources or production potential.

The fact that practical academic exercises in the field of lighting must continue to take place means that coaching of practicing designers will undoubtedly remain necessary in the future. As well as knowledge development and professional discourse in the context of "long life learning".