My experience at iLo


I got in contact with Isabel and Henk during World Stage Design, a theatre biennale held in Cardiff, UK. The reason why I approached ILO was because I was looking to be coached during the process of designing lights for a dance piece.

I graduated with a bachelor in Theatrical Arts with a strong knowledge in set design. But my lighting background was weak mainly because most of the techniques I learnt back in Argentina were old fashion in Europe.

During my first meeting with Isabel we explored together how we where going to organize the coaching. After this first encounter I truly felt that I was going to get exactly what I needed, making me feel extremely happy.

In the second encounter the coaching started. I brought with me a description of the dance piece, it’s different interpretations and some ideas for the lights, costume and set. Isabel made me think out of the box challenging my own creative skills.

The third meeting was unforgettable. I spent 8hs in ILO’s theatre model box playing with lights. In the past, I worked with home made models and torches but the model box 1:2 allowed me to understand light in a different way. I had enough time to: try different combinations of colors, position the lights according to the concept that I developed and experiment with reflective materials.

The fourth encounter was presenting a lighting plan to Henk. He guided me in a very professional way, made wonderful suggestions and explained to me different options for my own design.

The fifth meeting was during the dress rehearsal at the theatre. Isabel saw the piece and gave me really useful advices, for example: to refocus a second line of front lights more towards the middle of the stage, to softer the transitions between lighting changes and to take away a couple of cues because they were too many.

I made these adjustments and the premier was a success. The director of the piece felt that the lights complemented the dance, the movements and followed her concept.

This tailor-made course taught me in a couple of classes much more than what I learnt in 4 months back in university. One of the things that I liked the best was that Isabel and Henk shared their own knowledge and experiences in a generous and open way.

As a set designer the light and the set walks together and this experience allowed me to learn from two truly professional practitioners, to put in practice my creative knowledge and to feel much more confident as a lighting designer.

My coaching experience was wonderful, I would recommended this course to everyone that has an artistic professional background and is interest in developing further their lighting knowledge and practice.

Micaela Tettamanti

December 2013