Henk van der Geest

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Henk van der Geest passed away in his home in Amsterdam on last Thursday, June 13. 

Van der Geest founded our institute in 2007 to bridge the gap that existed between the academies and the practicing professionals in the lighting industry. 

It was from his vision about the artistic approach to lighting design that he encouraged many young professionals and talents, offering them a chance to develop their potential through our ‘coaches’ program. From his core belief that lighting design is more than a mere aesthetic element, he made the profession of lighting design more professional.


Not only was he the founder of iLo but he also played a major role in initiating and organizing activities and workshops for the VPT (Dutch Society of Stagecraft) Oistat , ELS, ILD and Antenna. In doing so he inspired countless others. He was also the co-founder of the Human Light Watch, which fought for the preservation of quality beautiful light in the face of new EU-regulations about theatrical lighting and energy savings. We will miss Henk for all of this, but most of all we will miss him as a friend and as a human being. One that managed to unite so many of us.


team Instituut Lichtontwerpen: Isabel Nielen, Maarten Warmerdam, Bastiaan Schoof en Wijnand van der Horst.  

ELS European Lighting School 

ILD Institute of Lighting Design Prague, Czech Republic 

Antena – Network for Independent Culture in Slovakia, 

ILO Instituut Lichtontwerpen